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Although it may be more commonly recognized as a boy name, we love Fionn for a beautiful baby girl. The name is a variation on the Irish Finn, but with that magical extra syllable to really set it apart from the crowd.

  • In 2019, almost 700 local women immigrated to the United States and married American men, which is a huge accomplishment!
  • This romantic but brutal tale may have left its tragic heroine to be known as “Deirdre of Sorrows,” but her given name lives on as a sweet, earthy name for baby girls today.
  • Made famous by Irish-American pop queen Billie Eilish, this good old-fashioned Irish name has gone from unheard of to a well-known girl’s name in the U.S.
  • As well as this fun tidbit, Fionn’s sweet meaning of “fair haired” makes it an adorable choice for a baby born with delicious golden locks.
  • It prizes beauty and translates as ‘being bright and fair.’ When looking for a name for your beautiful baby girl, Fiona would be an excellent choice.

She was forced to live in an underwater chamber for years until, eventually, she was transformed into a half-human, half-salmon creature. After 300 years, she was captured in a net, baptized, and given the christened name Muirgen. However, it has never made the top 1000 in the U.S., so it could be a unique pick if your daughter is Irish American. Pronounced EE-duh, Ide was originally spelled Ite until modern Irish spelling reforms took place. Ide was the name of an Irish nun during the middle ages who became the patron saint of Killeedy. She was the wife of hero Cu Chulainn and was said to be the “perfect woman” blessed with the gifts of wisdom, beauty, virtue, speech, and needlework !

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  • Margaret is also typical in the U.S., ranking as the 14th most popular name for girls over the last 100 years.
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Fiona is one of the more well-known Irish names for girls, despite it not having traditional roots. It was first invented in the 19th century by Scottish poet James Macpherson and has been in use ever since. This may have been due to the hit 2001 animated movie about a lovable ogre and his donkey sidekick, Shrek.

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Beautiful Irish Girls – Meet Gorgeous Women Online

It’s the capital of Ireland, where you’ll find a wide range of great places to meet hot singles waiting for your attention. The first thing you can do is visit this amazing country where meeting them won’t be challenging for you. Still, they’re more practical than many European women. Instead of romantic men, they love those who can value them with their actions.

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Ailbhe comes from the Old Irish word “albho,” meaning “white,” so we can’t help but imagine how especially adorable this name would be for a baby boy or girl born in the snowy wintertime. Ailbhe is soft-sounding and earthy, and would make a fine choice for your new arrival. Another gorgeous Gaelic Irish girls’ name, Blathnaid means ‘flower in bloom’ and is pronounced ‘bla-nid’. A lovely and mysterious name, Blathnaid would suit any beautiful baby girl. A beautiful, traditional name, Fiona comes from Gaelic and is the female equivalent of the male name Fionn. It prizes beauty and translates as ‘being bright and fair.’ When looking for a name for your beautiful baby girl, Fiona would be an excellent choice.

The ending to the tale is distressingly tragic, but romantic nonetheless, and Yseult makes a passionate, mythological, and unique name for a baby girl today. Traditional, heavenly, and unique, Siobhan is a brilliant name to choose for your baby girl. Siobhan is actually from the same root as the Irish name Sinead, as both are Irish forms of the English names Jane. Surprising, really, as all these names seem so different! But, if you are hoping for a strong name with a religious meaning for your precious daughter, Siobhan is a great choice to consider. Holding the heavenly meaning of “God is gracious,” Sheenagh is a unique but pretty choice of name for a baby girl. Believe it or not, Sheenagh comes from the same root as the English name Jane, whose line also includes the popular Irish name Sinead.

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Meaning “God is my oath,” Sibeal is heavenly and loving, with a soft lilt and pretty spelling to go with it. Sibeal is actually an anagram of Isabel, which comes from the same root, so would make a beautiful but unique tribute to someone special of that name. Moya is an undeniably cool name, with its modern-sounding lilt and stylish spelling. Caireann comes from the same root as the Irish Latin name Cara, with the added diminutive on the end. As Cara means both “friend” and “beloved,” Caireann means the adorable “little friend” and “little beloved!

Beautiful Irish Girls – Meet Gorgeous Women Online

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The fairy King Midir falls in love with her, making his wife Fuamnach so angry that she turns Etain into a fly. Eventually, Etain falls into a glass of wine and is swallowed, which makes the drinker pregnant. She is reborn as a human, eventually becoming a queen. This unique Gaelic name was common in Ireland during the 12th and 15th centuries but is less prevalent today. This pretty name is quite a popular name in Ireland, with many famous namesakes.

Although the characteristics of bright red hair, blue eyes, and freckles are primarily indigenous to the island of Ireland, not all Irish girls possess these qualities. They do, however, all have their unique beauty variants, which make them outstanding. This island country is home to many beautiful sights, vegetation, architecture, a unique cultural background, and rich history. Its people are known for their unique social lifestyle and expressive nature, especially when displaying their passion for sports and other lifestyle activities. Okay, those last two are actually fast-climbing baby boy names, but they are pretty good gender-neutral names and could work for the girls as well.

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